Count on Experienced Social Security Lawyers in Overland Park

An SSI disability case is filled with pitfalls that can cause delays in your case or could even result in a full denial of benefits. This is why you need to turn to experienced Social Security attorneys who are familiar with dealing with the Social Security Administration and can help you successfully navigate your case for the best possible outcome in Kansas City. Our Social Security disability attorney is ready to step up to the plate to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

SSI Disability Case in Overland Park, Kansas City

One of the most difficult aspects of an SSI disability case in Overland Park is the amount of paperwork that is required. Many individuals are unfamiliar with the legal jargon these papers contain and may not know the right answer for each of the questions. It’s easy to miss minor details that can have a detrimental impact on your case. What may seem like a minor detail to you could actually be one of the most important pieces of information, resulting in a denial of your claim. Our Social Security disability lawyer will make sure you understand the paperwork you are filling out and ensure every question is answered properly. We will also make sure you submit the paperwork in the appropriate timeline to ensure a successful outcome.

Help from Social Security Disability Attorney in Overland Park

It’s not up to the Social Security Administration to disprove your case; it’s up to you to prove it. For this reason, you need an experienced Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City who can help you gather the necessary evidence. This can include medical records and any other relevant documentation. We have the experience necessary to help you find the appropriate documentation to prove your case and move forward. We know what they are looking for and can thus help you prove your case the first time around.

Denied SSI Disability Case Before in Overland Park, Kansas City?

If you’re like many other Kansas City residents who have applied for SSI disability, you may already have a denial on your record. However, all hope is not lost. Our Social Security lawyers are also experienced in handling appeals. We will go over your previous case to identify the issues that led to your denial so we can correct the information and reapply for benefits. We understand a large percentage of individuals who are denied on the first path do, in fact, quality for benefits, and we want to make sure you get them. We will work hard to make sure your case is ready for appeals so you can expect a positive outcome the second time around.

Our experienced Social Security lawyers at Grundy Disability Group are ready to help you with your case. If you need help handling your case, whether it’s the first time or you’ve been denied before, contact us. We are ready to help you move forward toward a successful outcome.