Does POTS Qualify for Disability Benefits?

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Does POTS Qualify for Disability Benefits?

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Many people wonder if Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) can make them eligible for disability benefits. This blog post aims to answer this question and dive into the world of POTS syndrome. We’ll learn about its diagnosis, the symptoms it causes, and the evidence needed to qualify for disability benefits.Does POTS Qualify for Disability Benefits?

POTS can be considered a disability for Social Security Disability Benefits. Meeting the criteria involves understanding the details of the condition, going through specific tests to diagnose it, and providing strong proof of how it affects your daily life and ability to work.

Understanding POTS Syndrome:

POTS, which stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is a condition that messes up how your body controls things like heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion. With POTS, your body has trouble keeping your heart rate and blood flow stable.

This can cause issues like a fast heartbeat, feeling dizzy, getting tired easily, and sometimes even fainting. These problems usually get worse when you change positions, like going from sitting to standing or pushing too much during physical activity

Diagnosing POTS:

Figuring out if you have POTS means taking some medical tests to see how your heart responds to changes in position. Common tests for those experiencing symptoms of POTS include:

  • Tilt Table Test: You lie on a table that tilts up, and doctors watch how your heart rate and blood pressure change. This helps them spot unusual reactions.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Sometimes, you might wear a special device that keeps track of your heart rate in different situations.
  • Blood Tests: Doctors might also check your blood to make sure there’s nothing else causing similar symptoms.

POTS and Disability Benefits:

Living with POTS can be tough, especially when it comes to working and doing daily tasks. If your POTS symptoms are severe and meet specific criteria, you could qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. Here are some things they consider:

  • Medical Proof: Having detailed records from doctors, test results, and treatment history is really important. These show how bad your POTS symptoms are. It’s a good idea to locate medical records from the last 12 months to show how you’ve attempted to treat and diagnose this medical condition.
  • Limits on What You Can Do: To get disability benefits, you need to show that POTS makes it hard for you to do your job. If standing, walking, or sticking to a schedule is tough because of POTS, they’ll think about this. Outside of being unable to work, it’s important to consider your functional capacity with POTS. If you’re unable to cook, clean, get groceries or even navigate stairs well, that should be factored into your application for SSDI benefits.
  • How Long It Lasts: To qualify for benefits or disability insurance, your POTS must stick around for at least a year or maybe even lead to something very serious. Doctors need to report to the social security administration how this condition will affect you over time.

Schedule Your Consultation With Grundy Disability Group

POTS syndrome is a big challenge for those with the diagnosis. It’s vital for people with POTS to know about its signs, how it’s diagnosed, and how getting Social Security Disability Benefits can offer important support.

While you can file for disability benefits alone, doing so drastically decreases your chances of getting approved. Seeking a seasoned social security disability lawyer to help you with your application can help.

If you or someone you care about is facing POTS and can’t work, there’s hope for a better life. Get in touch with our team at Grundy Disability Group. We’re here to help you find ways to manage your condition and get the help you deserve.

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