How To Get Medical Records For My Disability Application

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How To Get Medical Records For My Disability Application

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Preparing for your disability application is a crucial step in ensuring a smoother process, especially given the lengthy wait times for approval and appeals. One of the most essential elements of this preparation is gathering your medical records.

The doctor fills in data taking into account the patient’s medical history from a form on a clipboard.

Obtaining Your Medical Records

To build a strong case for your disability application, it’s imperative to have comprehensive medical records that provide a thorough account of your condition. Here’s how you can obtain them:

  • Reach out to your primary care physician, specialists, hospitals, and any other healthcare providers you’ve seen in relation to your disability. 
  • Request your complete medical records, making sure to specify that they are needed for your disability application. Be sure to include all relevant details, such as specific dates, treatments, and diagnoses.
  • Gather pharmaceutical records and any other medically documented proof of treatment for your disability.

How Long Should My Medical Record Be For My Disability Application?

In most disability cases, a substantial medical history is crucial. It’s recommended to have at least a year or more of comprehensive medical documentation related to your disability. This includes a detailed account of treatments, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, medical notes, and any other relevant information. The goal is to present a comprehensive view of your condition and how it has impacted your daily life.

Can I Be Charged For Medical Records If They’re For My Disability Application?

Since finances are a huge component of the disability application process, it’s completely fair to ask if someone can charge you for medical records for the disability application process. Under federal law, healthcare providers are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for copying and sending medical records, even if they are being used for medical evidence in the social security disability process. 

It’s important to note that these charges should be in compliance with state laws and should not be a barrier to obtaining your records for disability benefits. In some cases, providers may waive these fees, especially if the records are essential for a claim or disability determination.

Seek Guidance from Grundy Disability Group

If you’re navigating the disability application process and need guidance, Grundy Disability Group is here to help. Our experienced team has successfully represented hundreds of disability cases and can provide valuable assistance to ensure your application is handled efficiently. Schedule a free case consultation today to get the support you need on your journey to approval.

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