Don’t File for SSI Disability Without the Right Social Security Lawyers in Leavenworth County

Filing your own SSI Disability case can be a serious mistake. Dealing with the Social Security Administration and understanding the ins and outs of filing can be difficult for most people. At the Grundy Disability Group, we understand this difficulty and are here for the residents of Kansas City when the time comes to file their case and seek out the compensation they are entitled to. Our Social Security attorneys are well versed in SSI Disability law and can provide the valuable insight you need to file a successful claim.

We Go Over Your SSI Disability Case with You

Meeting with our Social Security disability attorney in Leavenworth County is the first step in ensuring you have proper representation by a Social Security disability lawyer who has experience in handling cases similar to your own. In most instances, you’ve never dealt with filing the forms or understanding the processes necessary to get the ball rolling on your case. We will meet with you, discuss your situation, then devise a step-by-step plan to get things moving. If we feel you have a solid case, we will move forward, filing the paperwork, providing the documentation and seeking the compensation you deserve.

Social Security Attorneys Who Will Get the Ball Rolling on Your SSI Disability Case in Leavenworth County

Once you’ve signed off on proceeding with your case, our experienced Social Security lawyers will get the ball moving on your claim. We will work closely with you to make sure all documentation is filed properly, and all the paperwork is filled out correctly. We want to do our best to ensure no mistakes are made that may hold up your settlement. Our Social Security disability attorney in Kansas City will go above and beyond to ensure everything is filed properly and sent in on time. This is crucial to a successful case. Misfiled paperwork, lack of documentation and failure to meet time requirements are a few of the reasons many people find themselves denied by the Social Security Administration. We don’t want this to happen to you. We will be by your side, doing our best to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Our Social Security Attorneys Will Stand by You Every Step of the Way

At Grundy Disability Group, we don’t stop once the paperwork and documentation have been filed. We will be there to offer assistance if you find yourself attending hearings. We will send an experienced Social Security disability lawyer with you to ensure you are represented fully and professionally. If your case is denied, which is quite common when filing for the first time, our Leavenworth County Social Security disability attorneys will be by your side to decide whether filing an appeal is your best option. We understand how important getting your benefits is, and we do all we can to ensure your success.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Kansas City Social Security disability attorney who can help you navigate the complex Social Security disability process.