Bill S.

I am writing to you to express my gratitude. After going to a prominent law firm to get help with filing for disability insurance, they scheduled me to come back 2 weeks later, then postponed it, and then I found out I was only going to see a secretary, not the lawyer. So, I made an appointment with you. You were able to see me right away, speaking to me personally, and was respectful, honest and friendly.
With your help, I was able to get my disability approved the first time. And, it was just when I really needed it. I am very grateful for your help.


I began looking for an attorney closer to where I live, that’s when somebody suggested I should contact the Grundy Group. After meeting with Mathew Grundy and discussing my case he said he had no problem taking me on as a client, and I was more than happy to accept, due to his straight forwardness, professionalism and the way he was so courteous to me. From there forward they handled ever aspect of the appeal, relieving all of the tension and stress of the appeal which I had gone through the last 9 months with the other adversary group and lawyer from upon my shoulders.

Thank God, between Matthew and Karen and whoever else may have work on my case the Judge in December found in favor of my appeal. I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for the Grundy Group they’re very professional and courteous to everybody, I truly believe they actually care about you and am a very satisfied client of the Grundy Group. I will and have recommended them.

Sheila M.

I would like to thank you as well as Karen from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you did to win my disability case. Also, thank you for being so patient and understanding and the patience you had while I was admitted in the hospital when we had to reschedule our pretrial hearing interviews. Had it not been for everything you and Karen did, I probably wouldn’t have won my case. You worked so hard on my case as well as Karen and I thank you so much.

When it comes time to review my case, I look forward to working with you again. You made me feel like I was the only client you had and it means so much to me.

So again I just want to say thank you sincerely for all that you have done for me. Please let Karen know as well.

I filled out a survey online for you and your office staff by telling how great of an attorney that you are. Thank you so much!!

Wendy T.

I had debilitating injuries from a car wreck and had not been able to work for years. When I found out I was eligible for disability I filed online. I completed all the forms, followed all the instructions, and turned in my medical records as instructed. I received my denial letter in a month and immediately filed an appeal. I waited over a year before I received notice my hearing was finally scheduled. When I got to my hearing, I was informed it was actually a pre-hearing. I was worn to a frazzle. I knew then I could no longer do this alone. It was time for a lawyer. A friend referred me to Matt Grundy. He was amazing! I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. He was caring and efficient and took over the whole process. He handled all correspondence and was my voice in my hearing. I was ecstatic when Matt got my disability approved. I wish I had started with Matt before I ever filed. If you need to file for disability, don’t put yourself through that process alone, get thee a lawyer! I highly recommend Matt and have referred several people to him already. I can’t tell you the difference a great lawyer makes when filing for disability. Call Matt and let him do the work for you!”

Bruce G.

I would like to thank Matt and his disability group for all there help in helping me obtain my Social Security disability. The whole process looks tough, but with Matt your in good hands. If you have a good case, then Matt will win it for you. So don’t be discouraged. Thanks again for all your help.”